Cliff Schadt Pefformance Horsemanship

Cliff Schadt

Born on Long Island, NY as a 2nd generation horseman, Cliff began his career riding hunter and jumper horses. His future as a cowboy was set after receiving his first cowboy hat as a young boy. The dream he worked toward and realized at 18 when he moved to Oregon to pursue life working on ranches and learning the cowboy way of life. He continued this path across the United States and back and refined his abilities starting and developing young horses, working ranches, and developing skills as a clinician. Now located in Ocala, FL, Cliff focuses on developing horses for anywhere from the ranch to the Grand Prix. Drawing on experiences with horseman such as Martin Black, Craig Cameron, and Pat Parelli, Cliff has built a solid program that tailors to fit horses and humans of any age, discipline, and skill level.

Cliff's core belief is that when we make a horse feel safe and confident, we can build a solid foundation to ensure success for the rest of the horse's career.

"Rhythm creates Relaxation, Rhythm and Relaxation together create Understanding"